How to see beyond symptoms and heal the roots

If you struggle with eating disorders, food compulsion, or sugar addiction, and if you recognize there’s much more going on than just the food, get to know Growing Human(kind)ness. Rather than controlling symptoms or managing behavior, here you’ll learn how to heal the inner dynamics that drive eating disorders and food compulsions like overeating, binge eating, body fixation and sugar addiction. With founder Karly Randolph Pitman’s gentle path for healing, you can find hope, relief, and freedom. Explore the blog, podcast, and classes like Untangled’s Supporting Growth

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  • How to eat less sugar without “white knuckling it”

How to eat less sugar without “white knuckling it”

If you struggle with eating too much sugar or a sugar addiction, or if you simply want to transition into a low sugar diet, you may need to set some internal boundaries around how much sugar you eat. To do that, you need to gently, kindly and consistently tell […]

  • Healing the loss underneath an eating disorder

Healing the loss underneath an eating disorder

How to release the pain that you’ve carried
At the root of every eating disorder is loss. To heal the roots of an eating disorder or food compulsion, this loss needs to be acknowledged – to come to light. It needs to be held in loving hands, grieved, and released.

Sy […]

  • How to heal the root cause of eating disorders

How to heal the root cause of eating disorders

Drop the illusion of having to “fix” yourself

In my course When Food is Your Mother, I offer an explanation of how unmet attachment needs (and the vulnerability and wounding that arises from these unmet needs) can give rise to food compulsions like binge eating, overeating, sugar seeking, and the […]

What is Growing Human(kind)ness?

Growing human(kind)ness is a developmental, heart based approach that heals the roots of food compulsion and eating disorders. Growing human(kind)ness teaches you how to trade the false refuge of food, sugar or the eating disorder for true refuge:  loving relationship with yourself, others and Life. This relationship is then the foundation for growth: changes in how you eat, how you care for (and feel about) your body, and how you relate to the needs, impulses and emotions that can drive you to food.

Rather than controlling symptoms or managing behavior, you’ll heal the inner dynamics that drive the food compulsion in the first place. This deep yet gentle healing is what creates both inner and outer freedom from food compulsion, what creates lasting transformation without “white knuckling” it.

Loving relationship – secure attachment, belonging and connection – brings your heart and mind to rest. It softens the brain’s natural defenses, releases wounding, and opens the heart. Through loving relationship, your true self unfolds in the world.

Growing human(kind)ness fosters growth through 3 steps…

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Karly’s Overcoming Sugar Addiction class changed my life. I never knew until I took her class that the amount of sugar I was eating all my life was dramatically affecting my body chemistry – my moods, my depression, and my self-esteem.

Three months after finishing her class and still struggling to completely cut out sugar, by trial and error I finally found the small amount of sugar that my body can tolerate each day. Cutting way back on sugar means that I’m living a much healthier life – emotionally and physically! And I don’t feel deprived, because I can eat a tiny sweet treat each day if I want to!

Theresa R.Silverdale, Washington

Karly is a pioneer, with what I consider to be a holistic, grounded and complete program for sugar sensitives like myself.

Until I found Karly, I did not use the phrase sugar sensitive. Karly has helped me to grow and blossom and heal in a natural, organic healthy way. I have been inspired by her courage in sharing her strengths and her weaknesses. She has shown me by example that I do not need to be “Perfect” to live a full, successful life.

Karly has taught me that becoming binge free is a process and I find that my desire to sooth myself with food has diminished and been replaced with loving self care most of the time. Thank you Karly!

Rhianne NewLahndDirector of NewLahnd StudiosSedona, Arizona

What Karly offers (classes, calls, CD’s, books, workbook, blog writings) and who she is IS as a person, have all been a core part of my finally being successful at being free of my addictive sugar patterns.

Karly’s Overcoming Sugar Addiction for Life CD’s gave me several “a ha’s” into my wounded emotional parts that would always return to seeking out sugar when I was under stress.

Karly’s incredible compassion, wisdom and openess have helped me heal. I have now been sugar free for over a year, have lost 30 lbs and now swim daily.

It feels soooo good to feel whole and and to be making healthy choices for myself.

Caterina Arendslife coachSan Antonio, TexasHigher Vision Coaching

Karly’s class was an awesome experience. Relating to the other women and having the support of people across the globe was amazing! I was not prepared for how personal her CDs from Overcoming Sugar Addiction for Life were going to be. I was moved to tears on so many parts of it.

Karly’s voice carries her intention of self-love and self care not just for herself but for EVERYONE…Yes… the PLANET! For people with eating issues who have a long distance relationship with themselves and their bodies…the book, classes and the CDs literally felt like I got through 10 years of therapy in a few months!

Carllie J.Jamaica, New York

I’m on day 17 of your 30 Day Lift. I’m 28 now and I’ve been on this “food journey” now for as long as I can remember. Not only do I have food issues, but I have a digestive condition to throw into the mix, which tends to make everything more confusing and convoluted…

I really want to thank you for your work, Karly. I freaking love your vulnerability. It helps me to remember the beauty of sharing my own “dark sides,” because we all have them. And we can all heal faster and with more grace when we’re all committed to the honesty and love it takes to allow ourselves to be seen.

This 30 Day Lift is helping me with food stuff as well as just softening all of my compulsive behaviors. The concept of self-compassion has come into my life in so many ways over the years, but you have had the most genuine impact. Thank you again from the depths of my heart.

Lauren GodloveLong Beach, California

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying the 30 Day Lift! WOW!!! It is so comforting hearing your voice every day and having that encouragement each day. I am on day 3 of my container of “sugar free.” I am basically remaining sugar free in all my meals.

I am keeping a journal throughout and doing my best at following through with all my tasks. It has been so awesome and I really love this format!

I actually had a very stressful moment at work today and I thought I need to eat something. But……I actually told myself “It is ok dear one, you can handle this” and voila…no sugar consumed!!

Lizanne MiskellyCharlotte, North Carolina

No one demonstrates the capacity of compassion and heart the way Karly does in Overcoming Sugar Addiction for Life. Her concrete offerings of bonding, connection, affection — in short, pure LOVE — to those so-called hateful, scary, rejected aspects of ourselves is alchemy.

These parts of ourselves turn out to be little kids who were only wearing monster suits, needing our attention.

Karly is truly exceptional in demonstrating how the compassionate heart can heal our food issues and open us to a greater Love.

One of the pieces of untangling from sugar addiction is that I’ve really been hungry, not for sugar, but for hearing truthful words spoken with kindness and love. Listening to kind, empowering CD’s like yours is helping my sense of hearing to heal.

It’s so nourishing to simply listen to your voice nd words of wisdom and love. What a counterbalance to the voice of the “culture” we live in! I keep listening over and over to the CD’s almost every day. It seems to help with etching some new messages into my brain after a lifetime of shaming/controlling messages.

Jeannine DesmaraisNorman, Oklahoma

My way to your work and support took its way threw a very unconventional route. I’m a Hungarian 23-year-old student currently studying in Iceland. While I was recurrently suffering from my sugar cravings and endless struggle with control-overeating-control I happened to find you by “coincidence.”

I now own a copy of Overcoming Sugar Addiction for Life, which was one of the best decisions in my life to EVER make.

I know you may get a thousand letters like this, but I still wanted to express how much, really HOW MUCH you helped me!!
Through your very soulful approach I am certain you are a pioneer in healing not only these kind of matters, but I uncovered my WHOLE life’s problems. I am conscious and aware for my age, and know that I still have a lot to learn, but I never realized how much I didn’t understand true love! I consider myself a very sensitive and caring person, but yet never faced that the only person I don’t treat with kindness… is my very own self!?

Through your examples, your gentle voice and the manner you express yourself, could I finally grab the very core I needed to embrace in order to heal. Thank you very much.

Dely Mercedesz HorvathBudapest, Hungary

If you are trying to find a way to stop hating yourself and your body then Overcoming Sugar Addiction for Life is for you…. Karly offers so much wisdom from her own experiences, and the tools she offers with grounding and acceptance offer so much insight that it makes you really slow down and consider:

  • Do I want to continue to beat myself up and dislike everything about me or do I want to accept, love and nurture myself?

It is a lifelong commitment to learn to live without eating our feelings into many extra pounds, but with this method and practice, it is possible.

The CDs will make you cry and laugh and the workbook will have you looking at things about yourself that have been covered up (with food) for years.

The weight that I have shed off of my spirit since doing this program allows me to bloom in my new life! I would encourage you to give this program a try and meet your new self somewhere on the journey.

Robbie WoodHouston, Texas, USA

Karly’s work is nothing short of a revelation. Discovering her workbook and CD’s Overcoming Sugar Addiction for Life one year ago was a crucial turning point in my life. 

I had been suffering from terrible cycles of overeating and compensatory dieting, and for years I couldn’t figure out what was ‘wrong’ with me.

Karly introduced me to the radical idea of self-love, which has changed the way I feel and act about essentially every aspect of my life.

By learning to accept and care for myself one moment at a time, I have been able to shift one after another of my painful patterns, in far-reaching and lasting ways. 

  • I no longer binge on sugar, or any food.
  • I have come to feel entirely comfortable and beautiful in my body, which has responded to my new self-care by evolving into its most effortless, strong, lithe, and joyful shape.

By letting go of my obsessions with self-mastery and perfection, through Karly’s practices, I have freed up energy for more interesting and important pursuits, like my writing and my family. 

I never thought I could be a flexible, intuitive person, who feels safe and comfortable flowing with the ups and downs of life – but now I absolutely am, thanks to the inspired work of this remarkable teacher.  (I hardly believe it myself, but it really is true!) 

I recommend all of Karly’s resources wholeheartedly (including The 30-Day Lift and Overcoming Sugar Addiction.)  You will never be the same, and you will never look back!

MHPOxford, England