Eat Less Sugar Without Binges

Soften cravings & renew yourself over 30 days

Karly's modeling in the 30 Day Lift is teaching me just how to speak to myself in a loving way.

[Afterwards] I could hear hear her words of kindness and caring when I needed to handle difficult situations, not just with food, but with anything that would potentially cause an outcome of self-hate.

I only needed to hear her voice, really. I only needed to listen.

Eventually, I began to hear my own voice with her words... and this practice continues, over and over again.

Kim, April 2016 review of 30 Day Lift

If you compulsively crave or eat sugar for emotional support, to self soothe, or to manage stress, you may feel frustrated by a habit that feels out of your control. You don't have to feel enslaved by sugar cravings.

There's a way to heal your sugar obsession so you're no longer compulsively eating sugar, craving it, or bingeing on it – but the answer is likely not what you think...

30 Day Lift

The answer is not found in a perfect diet, will power, self control, behavior modification or even a sugar abstinence.

In a gentle transition over 30 days, learn:

  • how to say no to the impulse to binge or compulsively eat sugar
  • how to soften your fear of sugar cravings
  • how to care for your emotions rather than using sugar to numb, self soothe, or soften stress
  • and how to eat sugar with joy and delight when you consciously choose to do so
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What they're saying...


Karly is one of the most authentic and deeply caring teachers I know. What a gift for everyone she teaches and touches, that she has an extraordinary ability to transform the struggles, insights, hard-won wisdom and growing edges of her own journey into programs that meet people right where they are, and support them – with exquisite kindness – to take their next steps toward freedom, wholeness and deep self-care.

Abby Seixaspsychotherapist, author, Finding the Deep River Within


Karly’s the real deal — she’s been there, done that, and climbed her way out of dark places. She radiates credibility, concern and kindness. Her writings are both soothing and informative; and her classes provide a safe place for women to heal, grow and ultimately thrive. I am forever grateful that I found Karly and the community.

Michelle WatersSanta Cruz, California


Karly’s deeply compassionate heart, makes her abilities unsurpassed in addressing the sensitive issues connected to our painful eating habits and body image.

Her comprehensive and holistic mind, body and spirit approach, provided me with the tools I needed to move gently and lovingly down the path of healing. I greatly appreciate the gifts she so lovingly and generously shares.

Joan JacobsLife Coach/Louise Hay Workshop LeaderNashville, Tennessee


I’m LOVING the Heal Overeating: Untangled program. You’re hitting everything on the head – a head that very much needed to be hit. That whole “advanced student” and “should” mentality is exactly where I am today. It’s funny; as I get to know you more, I can hear you speaking to yourself on what you need to hear. This only makes you shine brighter as a teacher and student. That is authenticity.

With the release of Heal Overeating: Untangled, I feel like the stars have aligned. I’m going deeper. I am so thankful for your guidance and insights. What else can I say? I feel privileged to share this journey with you…I think all of us are sisters rooted in a similar spirit.

Kaitlin GarveyNew York, USA

Learn how to trade the false refuge of food, sugar and the pursuit of a perfect body for true refuge in Love itself. And rather than seeing your food struggles as wrong, something you need to fix, or something you should've prevented, discover how to view them with compassion, as the midwife of your soul's deeper journey, and as the very ground of love.

The hand over heart is a symbol of this mercy, of bowing the thinking mind to the wisdom of the heart.

Welcome. May you be nourished here.