How to see beyond sugar binge symptoms and heal the roots

If you use sugar or food for stress relief, to self soothe, or to manage your emotions, I can help you transform your relationship with food. People come to me because they can’t stick to their good intentions with food, they compulsively eat sugar, or they’re stuck in obsessive food restriction, overeating or binge eating.

I’m Karly Randolph Pitman, the founder, and I can teach you how to stop binge eating, overeating, or obsessing about sugar – but the answer may be different than what you think…

‘Eat less sugar class’

Articles to help you outgrow sugar addiction, food binges, overeating

  • 26-caretaker-growinghumankindness

How to strengthen the inner voice to say no to sugar

Our minds chatter at us all day long. When we’re under stress, when we’re feeling disconnected, or when we’re feeling stirred up by uncomfortable emotions, our minds tend to flow downhill:  to go where they’ve always gone.

If you habitually use sugar for stress relief, to self soothe, or to […]

  • art49_Say-no-sugar_growinghumankindness

How to say ‘No’ to sugar – it’s not what you think

If you compulsively crave or eat sugar for emotional support, to self soothe, or to manage stress, you may feel frustrated by a habit that feels out of your control.

You don’t have to feel enslaved by sugar cravings. There’s a way to heal your sugar obsession so you’re […]

  • nostalgia

How to soften nostalgia for sugar


Where does sugar nostalgia show up for you – when you pine for a certain sugary treat and all the emotions, feelings, tastes and memories that this food brings up for you?

Food can evoke memories, sensations, and emotions – both pleasant and unpleasant. The foods we feel aversive towards […]

  • Release

Why you need to release your longing for “the mother”


Over the years, many men and women have asked me a version of this question:  “I keep looking for something in the food. I keep hoping. I keep searching. But what am I searching for?”

It’s a great question, and one that points to our deepest desires as human beings. […]

  • Training Wheels

When you need more structure with sugar & when you need less

The beginning of anything can be hard. If you struggle with a sugar addiction and you’re trying to change how much sugar you eat, in the beginning, it may feel difficult, uncomfortable and simply “off” because this new way of eating feels so unfamiliar.

During times of transition, it helps […]

What is Growing Human(kind)ness?

Trying to control the cravings, manage the overeating, or find the perfect diet that will finally cure you of your desire for food doesn’t work. What does work is healing the drive for food in the first place.

Learn how to heal the inner dynamics that drive you to seek out sugar or food. It’s this inner healing that creates behavioral changes in how you eat, what you eat, and how you care for your body. With this gentle path for healing, you can find hope, relief, and freedom. Explore the blog, podcast, and courses like the 30 Day Lift to transform your relationship with food.

Growing human(kind)ness is a developmental, heart based approach to outgrow overeating, binge eating, body obsession and sugar addiction. Rather than learning strategies to control or manage the food compulsion, Karly’s “heart over binge” approach heals the inner dynamics that drive it by creating an internal refuge, building emotional tolerance, and supporting neuroplasticity.

Growing human(kind)ness teaches you how to trade the false refuge of food or sugar for true refuge:  loving relationship with yourself, others and Life. This relationship is the foundation for growth:  changes in how you eat, how you care for (and feel about) your body, and how you relate to the needs, impulses and emotions that can drive you to food or sugar.

This deep yet gentle healing is what creates both inner and outer freedom from sugar addiction and binge eating – lasting transformation without “white knuckling” it.

Loving relationship brings your heart and mind to rest. It softens the brain’s natural defenses, releases wounding, and opens the heart. Through loving relationship, your true self unfolds in the world.

Growing human(kind)ness fosters growth through 3 steps…

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