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Eat Less Sugar Without Binges

Support to shift habits, heal cravings over 30 days

If you compulsively crave or eat sugar for emotional support, to self soothe, or to manage stress, you may feel frustrated by a habit that feels out of your control. You don't have to feel enslaved by sugar cravings.

30 Day Lift

There's a way to heal your sugar obsession so you're no longer compulsively eating sugar, craving it, or bingeing on it – but the answer is likely not what you think. It's not found in a perfect diet, will power, self control, behavior modification or even a sugar abstinence...

In a gentle transition over 30 days, learn:

  • how to say no to the impulse to binge or compulsively eat sugar
  • how to soften your fear of sugar cravings
  • how to care for your emotions rather than using sugar to numb, self soothe, or soften stress
  • and how to eat sugar with joy and delight when you consciously choose to do so

There is a path away from the binge / abstain sugar see saw. Get support to eat less sugar without binges.

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Karly’s the real deal — she’s been there, done that, and climbed her way out of dark places. She radiates credibility, concern and kindness. Her writings are both soothing and informative; and her classes provide a safe place for women to heal, grow and ultimately thrive. I am forever grateful that I found Karly and the community.

Michelle WatersSanta Cruz, California


Learn how to trade the false refuge of food for true refuge in Love itself. And rather than seeing your food struggles as mistakes, something you need to fix, or something you should've prevented, discover how to view them with mercy, compassion, and as the very ground of love.

This shift in perspective fosters new ways of thinking, feeling, and responding to your inner and outer life – all the triggers that would normally send you to food or sugar.

It's how you willingly change what and how you eat, how you find your inner guidance, and how you live from your heart rather than remaining stuck in old patterns.

The hand over heart is a symbol of this mercy, of bowing the thinking mind to the wisdom of the heart.


It's our hope that your heart will be nourished here.

Heal the roots of binge eating, overeating or sugar addiction...