When you need more structure with sugar & when you need less

The beginning of anything can be hard. If you struggle with a sugar addiction and you're trying to change how much sugar you eat, in the beginning, it may feel difficult, uncomfortable and simply "off" because this new way of eating feels so unfamiliar.During times of transition, it helps to give yourself lots of support and scaffolding. I liken this to training wheels. In the same way that training wheels can help a child learn how to ride a bike, training wheels - support and structure - … [Read more...]

How to soothe the panic of food mistakes

Once you make a mistake with food – like emotional eating, eating too many calories, or eating a “bad” food – it can feel like all is lost. You may lose your balance and move into a “what the hell” space. This hopeless space can result in a binge, purge or fast.When you make a mistake and overeat, there's a way to soothe the panic, alarm and anxiety so you don't go to the emotional "all is lost" space. You do this by moving out of perfectionistic, all or nothing thinking and into both/and … [Read more...]

What to do when you feel powerless and collapse into overeating

When you're in a grounded, secure emotional space, it's easy to say no to the impulse to binge, overeat, restrict, or purge. But what happens when you feel powerless, hopeless, or helpless?When you're in this emotional space, you can believe you’ll never heal from binge eating, overeating, or sugar bingeing. As these feelings churn around and around, you may succumb to the impulse to binge. You may collapse into food in a gesture of, “Why bother?”If you find yourself collapsing into … [Read more...]

How to find momentum to stop overeating

If you're stuck in overeating, sugar addiction or binge eating, you may feel desperate for change. You may long for momentum - a way to stop these painful behaviors, lose the weight, and regain your health. Of course!If you feel like you lack momentum to stop overeating, you may resort to force. You may reason, "If I just use enough force, I can power my way through it." Because we often equate power or strength with force, we may think that the only way to find the power in ourselves, that … [Read more...]

When you use food to fill the hole of emptiness

http://fiveoceanspress.wistia.com/medias/yvdmajj2dg?embedType=seo&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=752One of the most painful human experiences is a feeling of emptiness, a feeling of nothing at your core, or a feeling of nothing or no one being there. This hole is often shared by men and women who struggle with any form of addiction, including food addiction, sugar addiction, or binge or overeating.This hole originates in childhood experiences. Sometimes it comes from abuse or neglect, … [Read more...]

When no amount of food satisfies, what will?

http://fiveoceanspress.wistia.com/medias/nb800a6qac?embedType=seo&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=752Does your appetite feel insatiable - that no matter how much you eat, binge on sugar, drink, shop, accomplish, perfect, diet, or achieve that you never feel full? This is a common feeling among those who overeat or binge eat.It's one of life's paradoxes: that when we're emotionally, spiritually or relationally hungry, we often seek a less vulnerable, easy substitute. We go after more … [Read more...]

What to do when facing sugar temptation at 4 o’clock

Imagine it's 4 o'clock, it's been a rough day, and there's a cookie in front of you. It may feel impossible to to resist, or to "stick to" your commitment to not eat sweets. You may wonder - is there a way to soften sugar cravings without relying on willpower?I did an interview with Abel James of the popular Fat Burning Man podcast where I gave listeners an alternate way of caring for sugar cravings and caring for the impulse of, "I have to eat that!" These tools come from The 30 Day Lift, a … [Read more...]

How to release childhood beliefs that underlie eating disorders

The beliefs and perceptions that we adopt as children - how we view others, ourselves, and our world - commonly shape our life experience, even into adulthood. These ingrained belief systems can be a contributing factor to addiction, eating disorders, and food compulsions like overeating or sugar bingeing. To find freedom from these painful coping strategies, it helps to investigate the underlying beliefs we carry.If you identify with sentiments such as: "I'm too much, I'm not enough, I … [Read more...]

How to step off the diet roller coaster

Many, many people feel as though they are stuck on a diet roller coaster. You may have shared the experience that when we begin doing the inner work of untangling from food "stuff," it's easy to get discouraged when we don't see change happening right away. This may lead us to seek out the next diet - imagining that it will give us the control we desire.In a recent Untangled class, a member asked a question that prompted me to speak about the process of finally freeing ourselves from the … [Read more...]

Do you feel ‘fed up’ with the habit of overeating?

How do you handle frustration, and particularly the frustration of overeating and addictive behavior? Do you often go to the, "what the hell response," when you don't know what else to do with the food? We may sometimes feel that we have tried everything, and we're just about ready to "forget it!"I spoke about the emotion frustration in my recent Q&A call with Heal Overeating: Untangled participants. There are ways to move frustration - and it must be moved! I am keen to share what I … [Read more...]