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Eat less sugar without feeling deprived

​Learn ​the difference when you respond to sugar cravings from ​your strongest self

​Do you self soothe with sugar?

​When we use sugar to ​care for stress​ful emotions, ​it can be really hard to ​eat​ less of it.

​​When you try to eat less sugar, you may ​feel overwhelmed by strong feelings of deprivation. ​Saying no to sugar may feel like a punishment. ​You ​may tell yourself, "This feels too hard." It​ may feel impossible.

When this happens, ​it's easy to feel frustrated. ​You may blame ​yourself. It can feel like ​you'll never change.

​But there is a way to respond that feels much, much better, and that can also help you eat sugar more mindfully.

​You can change how much sugar you eat ​

while also creating a kinder relationship with yourself​

​Learn why it's important to stop fighting ​against cravings​ and what do when cravings feel overwhelming

​Learn how to see mistakes differently ​and not feel ​driven to eat perfectly

​Learn how to calm and nourish yourself when you feel stressed - without relying on sugar

​Nourish the growth and healing process

​​​Build emotional resilience

​Learn how to build your inner confidence and ​strength rather than trying to control ​circumstances

​Learn how to connect with your ​internal strength when sugar cravings arise - even when life is really hard

​​​​Grow your strongest self

​​Learn how to trust in the growth process rather than trying to force healing or change ​

​​Learn the key difference that softens anxiety, stress and frustration when you're caught in sugar

"​Karly's approach to habit change through caring for the tender wounds behind a painful habit immediately attracted me...

"I felt so engaged and supported that I was willing to loosen my tight hold on food, and instead to focus on developing a caring and attuned relationship with myself. Thank you Karly and team for this life-changing experience!"


​​Boulder, ​US

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