The holidays – with their extra activity and busyness can bring up strong emotions. The focus on family and connection may exacerbate feelings of pressure, tension, or overwhelm. You may in turn feel extra anxiety about food.

Your stress response can appear as worrying about following the "right" diet. You may fixate on what you should or shouldn't be eating, vigilantly needing to feel in control with sugar.

Just describing it feels burdensome, tense, and painful. Yuck.

You don't have to try so hard

Karly Randolph Pitman
Karly Randolph Pitman, author

There's an alternative. Imagine a holiday season where you didn't feel this pressure to fix or control yourself to be "good" with food.

Who could you be without worrying about falling off the wagon, obsessing about being sugar free, or being “good” with food? How might your holiday season feel different?

Shift your focus and soften

Instead of a focus on behavior – eating a certain way – we'll focus on what can actually soften the anxiety and obsession with food, what really fosters transformation, and what can birth new life.

Your relationship with food and sugar can feel more nourishing and less anxious – even during the holidays. Then the tension about getting it right "lifts." The obsession to control or manage food softens.

There are no class times to meet or miss. No diet. No homework. No achievement challenge. Just daily nourishment.

Acclaimed for its ability to open your eyes to new ways of seeing and being around food, the Holiday Lift is a support and salve to you over 30 days.

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  • My time with Karly's kind, encouraging, occasionally self-deprecating, humorous and loving voice was very healing for me. She gave me practical tools, planted phrases for showing myself support, lent tips for building a supportive environment around me, and led me in a very inviting and non-threatening way through a kinder re-framing of my developmental wounds.

    [Karly's] combination of maternal warmth, self-kindness, down-to-earth humor, and theoretically-grounded cognitive behavioral approach delivers a holistic and intelligent healing experience, different from those who gloss over attention-starved psychic wounds with repressive positive thinking and irritating generalizations.

    Karly's focus on integrative thinking, embracing ambivalence, acknowledging pain, caressing neglected parts of my psyche, and "being the adult in the room" provided an encompassing platform that helped me immensely.

    Jenn Lindsey, USA
  • Stand in your strongest self

    Learn how to feel relaxed, less afraid about sugar, food, or potentially triggering situations and build the inner resilience that says, "I can handle this."

  • A loving relationship with food

    Learn how loving relationship can change both how or what you eat. Start cultivating a womb of growth – a container from which new behaviors around food can unfold.

  • Feel nourished and at ease

    With connection to others and with a greater sense of connection to yourself, you feel less driven by perfectionism and control. Learn to soften the obsession.

  • Balance compassion with structure

    You may wonder how to be self-compassionate but not collapse. You'll learn when to bring in structure, the 'river bank' that guides the flowing river.

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Sample the Holiday Lift: Day 18


How can you open in your relationship to pleasure with food? In this video you'll start to see how you can soften experiences of self-deprivation.

Do you ever feel like this?

  • I can never have pleasure with food
  • Food is just fuel
  • Food is just for my body's health
  • Pleasure with food is bad, immortal

If you have feelings like this, food can feel joyless. You might even fear experiences with food when its pleasurable.

This video is Day 18 of the 30 days, an example of the daily nourishment you'll get when you sign up for the Holiday Lift

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I participate in the Lift?

    You'll get daily, short videos to nourish your heart and fortify your soul. It's simple. There's no homework; no diet; no challenge; no class to meet or miss. Feel supported without adding new commitments.

  • Will this teach me what to eat?

    No, you won't receive information about diets or specific foods to eat or not to eat. If you're looking for nuts and bolts help about what to eat, it's best to look elsewhere for this kind of support. Instead the Lift helps you recognize and unwind compulsive behaviors and address feelings of deprivation or perfectionism.

  • How does this compare to 30 Day Lift?

    Karly's popular Overcoming Sugar Addiction: the 30 Day Lift course aims to support you through a sugar detox. It encourages you to achieve a temporary sugar abstinence as a break from the binge cycle. The daily format is the same as this Holiday Lift, but the message and intention is different.

  • How do I access the materials?

    Check your email each day for the arrival of a new video message. Or download all the audios to your mobile device from a private area of the website with an archive of all materials.

  • How does The Holiday Lift compare to therapy?

    This course is encouraging and educational, not therapeutic. If you're struggling with addiction, an eating disorder, or if you have trauma or PTSD, please seek professional support. The Holiday Lift is not meant to and can not replace professional care.

  • How do I know if it's right for me?

    This course is best suited for those who want a relational, heart based approach. Be willing to expand your emotional tolerance, open to vulnerabilty, and feel and be with a wide range of emotions. If you're wanting a cognitive or CBT approach (working with thoughts or beliefs), then it may not be a good fit for you and your needs.

  • What's the time investment?

    The Holiday Lift is not an intensive course; it's meant to be a source of encouragement, ease and support for a busy time of year, and the time commitment reflects this. The daily videos average at 6 minutes; then you may spend another few minutes connecting with yourself. Total time commitment: 10 minutes a day.

Soften food anxiety and enjoy the season.

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About the class teacher

Karly Randolph Pitman

I'm a teacher, author, and a champion for the call of the sacred, the gifts of grief, and the healing balm of compassion, connection, and community. I midwive people in transforming how they see and relate to food, sugar and body compulsions and uncovering the deeper, mythic story that is being writ through their journey.

This fosters a more fiercely loving, all embracing relationship with our humanity, and all of life.

The Holiday Lift arose out of my own journey, which included 20 years of multiple eating disorders, a deep embarrassment about my sensitivity, and a life long initiation through anxiety and depression. In bearing witness to my suffering and the suffering of others, the mystery of eating disorders gripped my soul, mind and my heart. I’ve used all to seek their clues and unearth their secrets, to map their underpinnings and respect and bow to their beauty.

I offer this teaching in service to individuals who yearn for personal transformation; to the soul of sugar, food and the body, which longs to speak; and to our greater culture, which yearns for restored connection in its relationship to food, sugar and the body.

Undergirding all my work is a love and awe of the human heart.