You know what it’s like to feel tangled up in food, weight, guilt, shame, and all the noisy chatter in your head. You’re probably already familiar with the “how to’s” – the behaviors that will help you lose weight, eat less sugar, and make healthier food choices.

The problem is why don’t we do them? What gets in the way? Why don’t I follow through on the things that will help me stop overeating, stop bingeing, lose weight, and have a peaceful relationship with food?

This is where your emotions enter the picture. If you want to heal the source of binge eating and overeating, you have to heal the inside “stuff” – how you relate to your hurts, needs, emotions and many selves. Doing this inner work is what makes the outer work (like what you eat, how you exercise) stick.

Heal Overeating: Untangled is a do-at-home course designed to gently heal the roots of overeating. Click here to purchase, or learn more below.

  • A path to integrative thinking

    Learn exercises to foster integrative thinking, otherwise known as impulse control - the ability to sit with an intense feeling - like a food craving! - without acting on it.

  • Nurture your sense of safety

    Discover 6 ways to foster safety, capability, resiliency, and a feeling of “I have what I need” – a secure foundation to shift out of overeating.

  • Soothe shame and lower anxiety

    You can learn how to reparent yourself, healing deep seated wounds instead of soothing the pain of those wounds with food.

  • Calm the voice of criticism

    8 practical ways to soften the critical voice in your head, and 11 tools to care for your emotions instead of eating them.

Since its release in 2010, the Untangled course has drawn students around the world for its unique capacity to soften the critical voice in your head around overeating.
  • Theresa R., Washington, United States
    I've been plugging away at Heal Overeating, and it’s doing wonders for me! My journey with your course has coincided with my continuing spiritual journey, and for the first time in my life, I’m not beating myself up for my mistakes... I got to the point where I was able to set reasonable eating limits for myself, and I’m starting to lose weight.
    Theresa R., Washington, United States

How I untangled my own overeating

My name is Karly Randolph Pitman. The Untangled course came from my own experience in trying to heal over 30 years of overeating / emotional eating and 20 years of binge eating.

I tried EVERYTHING to heal and still struggled. I wondered, "What's wrong with me?" Weigh and measure programs were impossible for me to stick with over the long term.

Programs that told me, "You create your own reality" left me feeling paralyzed by shame and self blame. And intuitive, "eat whatever you want approaches" sent me back into the throes of sugar addiction.

So I created my own approach, based on self compassion, self acceptance, and opening to my needs and feelings. Instead of whipping myself into shape, blaming, or punishing my behavior, I forgave myself.

I looked on my depressive and anxious tendencies with mercy, and I felt such compassion for the pain that led me to seek solace in food.

I gave myself the structure I needed to thrive - a balance between "weigh and measure" and "eat whatever you want."

Once I stopped blaming myself, and gave myself what I needed, something powerful within me shifted. I stopped fighting against myself. My resistance softened. I started doing the things I knew I "should" be doing - like eating regular meals, eating whole foods, and caring for my feelings without eating them.

I asked for help with honesty, gathering the support I needed to heal. And I was able to do this because of the power of love - the greatest force in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I participate in Untangled?

    You'll create a website account and login for access to all course materials released week by week over 12 weeks. Throughout the course you'll receive emails with encouragement, direction on what to do next, and a link to watch Q&A videos. You'll also get a downloadable workbook for interactive exercises and reflections.

  • What if I have questions along the way?

    You'll receive an invitation to watch a Q&A video session each week or two where the underlying concepts are explained by Karly. Ask our customer support team any technical or access questions by email or phone.

  • How do I access the course materials

    Login to our website to listen and watch audios and videos within your web browser or mobile device. You'll receive daily emails. All audio materials are available for download and off-line listening, sync'd with iTunes and or a mobile device. You always have access, even after the course term ends after 12 weeks..

  • How do I know if Untangled is right for me?

    Are you frustrated by recent weight gain or a return to overeating? Are you strongly against dieting, but don't know what else to do? Are you sensitive to criticism, feelings, noise, energy, mood, and chaos? Are you spiritual and conscious and feel ashamed of your food and weight issues? Do you feel other people's feelings as well as your own? If yes to any question here, then you're a good fit.

In their own words, 'the most helpful part was...'

  • Karly's approach to healing the hungry child within me is so powerful that I can feel myself actually becoming stronger. I'm no longer trying to cheat myself into thinking I'm getting what I deserve by eating whatever I want and then some, just because I can. Sure, I trip up...but I can forgive myself for falling and move on to try again. Thanks to the life experiences Karly has shared, I know that I'm important and worthwhile and that there's a better way to take care of me. And I'm the one to do it. I'm finally on the path to healing.
    Joetta T., Massachusetts, United States
  • By far the best help I've ever gotten in dealing with my food issues, not only because it deals with the real issues underneath, but it also...digs deeper and wider than I've ever gone on my own.
    Katie P., United States
  • The best part of this whole process is that I am getting back in touch with my spirituality. You have helped a great deal in putting that back into focus. I was so busy resisting and spinning out and feeling out of sorts that was very fear-based. When I stepped back and took the 'inventories' from a spiritual perspective, everything seems to be getting clear again.
    Beth B., Kentucky, United States
  • I really LOVE Untangled and have learned so much with it, especially with caring for my emotions without eating them.
    Jill A., Nebraska, United States
  • Untangled provided the missing puzzle piece [with my food issues].
    Jessica V., Mexico
  • You have wonderful insight into the psychology behind overeating... I have lost over 50 pounds since last fall.
    Pam C., United States
  • Thank you Karly for sharing so openly the plethora of people who have helped / help you on your journey so that others, (me) can listen to, learn from and chose to embrace their ideas as well. You know something, I can’t even remember how I came across the Untangled series and yet it encompasses so much of what I have yearned for and not known how to do / apply to myself!

    My journey involves another addiction besides food. Once that other addiction slowly was arrested, i.e. turned into recovery, the grief and the fear that has been hidden for so long has been surfacing since doing the Untangled series. It has been exhausting, liberating, scary, fabulous – a kaleidoscope of emotions and feelings.

    I have previously done 4 straight years of psychology / psychiatric treatment and yet the gentleness of your voice and your guidance has allowed me to “have a go at re-mothering” myself now. I am still very scared when I feel out of control but I know that's o.k.

    Since listening to the Untangled series I am learning to gently rock myself, hold myself, listen to myself.

    Cammy, Australia
  • I can't thank you enough for helping me to realize what's possible when it comes to a healthy, positive and very doable (!) lifestyle.
    Elizabeth T., Colorado, United States

About the author

author Karly Randolph Pitman

I'm a teacher, author, and a champion for the call of the sacred, the gifts of grief, and the healing balm of compassion, connection, and community. I midwive people in transforming how they see and relate to food, sugar and body compulsions and uncovering the deeper, mythic story that is being writ through their journey.

This fosters a more fiercely loving, all embracing relationship with our humanity, and all of life.

The Untangled course arose out of my own journey, which included 20 years of multiple eating disorders, a deep embarrassment about my sensitivity, and a life long initiation through anxiety and depression. In bearing witness to my suffering and the suffering of others, the mystery of eating disorders gripped my soul, mind and my heart. I’ve used all to seek their clues and unearth their secrets, to map their underpinnings and respect and bow to their beauty.

I offer this teaching in service to individuals who yearn for personal transformation; to the soul of sugar, food and the body, which longs to speak; and to our greater culture, which yearns for restored connection in its relationship to food, sugar and the body.

Undergirding all my work is a love and awe of the human heart.

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