It can feel overwhelming to avoid sugar for any length of time. Hoping for a detox, sometimes we hang on for hours, sometimes days. And then as the cravings build, the urge feels incredible. You know the feeling. Maybe you eat a little and stop, or maybe your attempt to eat less becomes the start of a binge that lasts for days. Now you feel worse than before, and beat yourself up for your failure.

Imagine the relief if you could shift compulsive, perfectionist, overwhelmed thoughts & behaviors around sugar. How would it feel to get some space from binges?

You can compassionately reframe your experience with sugar and how you relate to it. The 30 Day Lift course is designed to teach you how. Described as kind, holistic and intelligent, this is not a diet nor bootcamp-style detox! Instead, expect to laugh, cry, and forgive yourself as you gently change messy habits.  Click here to purchase, or learn more below.

  • Day-by-day guidance to soften compulsions

    Follow Karly's sequential steps from Day 1 to Day 30 in a gentle manner that unwinds compulsions rather than introduce new ones. Get space from sugar binges.

  • Learn how to self-soothe without sugar

    The solution to a sugar obsession isn't a battle of wills, but loving relationship. Learn how to replace sugar as your 'go to' form of self-care, eating less while acknowledging cravings.

  • A nurturing model for how to relate to yourself

    Listen to examples of nurturing self-talk, sometimes compassionate, sometimes humorous, as a means to encouragingly find your way through sugar cravings.

  • A developmental, integrative approach to healing

    Holistic and down-to-earth, but theoretically-grounded. This is not a positive-thinking exercise in repression, but a process that acknowledges pain and caresses your psyche.

Enjoyed by thousands since its release in 2012, the 30 Day Lift is compared favorably to courses by Oprah and Chopra. This website earns Google page 1 ranking since 2008.
  • Jenn Lindsey

    My time with Karly's kind, encouraging, occasionally self-deprecating, humorous and loving voice was very healing for me. She gave me practical tools, planted phrases for showing myself support, lent tips for building a supportive environment around me, and led me in a very inviting and non-threatening way through a kinder re-framing of my developmental wounds.

    After my fabulous experience with the 30 Day Lift I signed up for Oprah and Deepak Chopra's "Shedding the Weight" meditation course and it is astonishing how much more helpful I find Karly's work to be.

    I found that [Karly's] combination of maternal warmth, self-kindness, down-to-earth humor, and theoretically-grounded cognitive behavioral approach delivers a rather holistic and intelligent healing experience, whereas [Oprah's] course seems to gloss over attention-starved psychic wounds with repressive positive thinking and irritating generalizations.

    Karly's focus on integrative thinking, embracing ambivalence, acknowledging pain, caressing neglected parts of my psyche, and "being the adult in the room" provided an encompassing platform that helped me immensely. I'm really sad that it is over! Honestly, if I could do a 365 Day Lift I would!

    Jenn Lindsey

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I participate in the 30 Day Lift

    Each day for 30 days from the date you choose to start, you'll be prompted by email to listen to a message (about 15 min). You'll receive an insight, a practice, and ideas to structure your day and nurture yourself without sugar. You'll follow daily practices and structure. Each week you'll watch a Q&A video to help you get the most out of your participation.

  • What if I have questions along the way?

    You'll receive an invitation to watch a Q&A video session each week where the underlying concepts are explained by Karly. Ask our customer support team any technical or access questions by email or phone.

  • How do I access the course materials

    Login to our website to listen and watch audios and videos within your web browser or mobile device. You'll receive daily emails. All audio materials are available for download and off-line listening, sync'd with iTunes and or a mobile device. You always have access, even after 30 days.

  • How do I know if the 30 Day Lift is for me?

    If you're willing to reflect upon your experience, feel into your true needs, and make time for this course's practices, you'll do well. If you yearn for deeper questions beyond "what should I eat?", you'll find it here. Diet is not the focus, nor is sugar abstinence but that could be part of your experience. It's important that you're open to reflections upon the Divine, Spirit, Source, or God.

In their own words, 'the most helpful part was...'

  • MHP, United Kingdom

    "I had been suffering from terrible cycles of overeating and compensatory dieting, and for years I couldn't figure out what was ‘wrong’ with me. Karly introduced me to the radical idea of self-love, which has changed the way I feel and act about essentially every aspect of my life.

    By learning to accept and care for myself one moment at a time, I have been able to shift one after another of my painful patterns, in far-reaching and lasting ways. I no longer binge on sugar, or any food. I have come to feel entirely comfortable and beautiful in my body, which has responded to my new self-care by evolving into its most effortless, strong, lithe, and joyful shape.

    By letting go of my obsessions with self-mastery and perfection, through Karly’s practices, I have freed up energy for more interesting and important pursuits, like my writing and my family.

    I never thought I could be a flexible, intuitive person, who feels safe and comfortable flowing with the ups and downs of life – but now I absolutely am, thanks to the inspired work of this remarkable teacher.

    You will never be the same, and you will never look back!"

    MHP, United Kingdom
  • Rhianne NewLahnd, Arizona, United States

    "Karly is a pioneer, with what I consider to be a holistic, grounded and complete program for sugar sensitives like myself. Until I found Karly, I did not use the phrase sugar sensitive. Karly has helped me to grow and blossom and heal in a natural, organic healthy way.

    I have been inspired by her courage in sharing her strengths and her weaknesses. She has shown me by example that I do not need to be "Perfect" to live a full, successful life.

    Karly has taught me that becoming binge free is a process and I find that my desire to sooth myself with food has diminished and been replaced with loving self care most of the time."

    Rhianne NewLahnd, Arizona, United States
  • Lauren Godlove, United States

    I'm on day 17 of your 30 Day Lift. I’m 28 now and I’ve been on this 'food journey' now for as long as I can remember. Not only do I have food issues, but I have a digestive condition to throw into the mix, which tends to make everything more confusing.

    I really want to thank you for your work, Karly. I freaking love your vulnerability. It helps me to remember the beauty of sharing my own 'dark sides,' because we all have them. And we can all heal faster and with more grace when we're all committed to the honesty and love it takes to allow ourselves to be seen.

    This 30 Day Lift is helping me with food stuff as well as just softening all of my compulsive behaviors. The concept of self-compassion has come into my life in so many ways over the years, but you have had the most genuine impact. Thank you again from the depths of my heart."

    Lauren Godlove, United States
  • Julie M., United States

    I listen again and again, read again and again and keep learning new things! I'm finally changing, peeling the layers of my eating disorder, developing a loving relationship with myself so that I can then be a better mom, daughter, teacher, human!!

    Karly's work touches me in a way I can’t fully articulate! I listen, take notes, listen again, feel so understood and supported, and see that I’m changing!

    I've now been 56 days binge free! I started the Untangled course which started this amazing change! The 30 Day Lift continued it!

    Julie M., United States
  • Liz Murray, United States

    I just wanted to thank you Karly, with so much love, for the work you are bringing forth. I and am now doing the 30 Day Lift. For the first time in my life, I am opening, shifting – and I truly thought I had done it all. I’ve done retreats with Geneen Roth, studied with many “experts,” and this is the first time I really feel something changing within me – it is terrifying and fantastic!! Last night my son was having ice cream, and my go-to thought was, “Oh, it’s Friday night, I “deserve” some too”…..AND I felt the desire, AND also my integrity, that not eating the sugar and staying true to the loving promise I made to myself was so important to me. OMG!!! Just SO much gratitude to you.

    Liz Murray, United States
  • Carol Heffler, United States

    "I want to tell you how much the 30 Day Lift has done for me. I’m 63 years old with a lifelong sugar addiction, and so far this is the only course that has REALLY helped.

    Your spiritual and caring approach makes all the difference in the world to one who has tried to punish and criticize herself out of the suffering. Your course is brilliant." - Carol Heffler

    Carol Heffler, United States
  • "I wanted you to know that I am mostly sugar free for 30 days. (I know we are not supposed to count :) and lost 14.5 lbs.)

    Thank you for all the kind, caring and compassionate information. I really believe these classes gave me a look at how mean I had been to myself in the area of weight and overeating.

    Also, I have been able to let go of the perfection and ease up which has allowed me to be where I am today. Once the pressure was relieved, everything seems to have fallen into place.

    I am no longer craving all the unhealthy items I had been consuming. The bingeing stopped first then letting go of the sugar and desserts and then realizing it was up to me to decide what I was eating on a daily basis and that only I could make those changes.

    Thanks for all your guidance."

    Joy R, United States
  • Diana Morgan, United States

    Thank you so much for your 30 Day Lift course. It has helped me tremendously. I was bingeing out of control on sugar and baked goods for 3-4 months before your course due to crazy premenopausal hormones.

    I have now been sugar-free for 39 days and I feel wonderful. Your teaching about being sensitive and learning to be kind and compassionate to ourselves was very key for me.

    I am very grateful for you!

    Diana Morgan, United States
  • Lizanne Miskelly, North Carolina, USA

    I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying the 30 Day Lift! WOW!!! It is so comforting hearing your voice every day and having that encouragement each day. I am on day 3 of my container of "sugar free." I am basically remaining sugar free in all my meals.

    I am keeping a journal throughout and doing my best at following through with all my tasks. It has been so awesome, I really love this format!

    I actually had a very stressful moment at work today and I thought I need to eat something. But I actually told myself "It is ok dear one, you can handle this" and voila, no sugar consumed!!

    Lizanne Miskelly, North Carolina, USA
  • Char Brooks, United States
    "My experience in using the 30 Day Lift – particularly on round 2 (I’m using it to change other behaviors beyond food as I found it so helpful the 1st time around) – is that all the safety that Karly has built into the beginning of the process is making it safer and safer for me to give up my self sabotaging behavior. Karly has shown me that giving up these foods (and ways of behavior) is really about growing my self love and kindness."
    Char Brooks, United States
  • Theresa R., United States

    Karly’s class changed my life. I never knew until I took her class that the amount of sugar I was eating all my life was dramatically affecting my body chemistry – my moods, my depression, and my self-esteem.

    Three months after finishing her class and still struggling to completely cut out sugar, by trial and error I finally found the small amount of sugar that my body can tolerate each day. Cutting way back on sugar means that I’m living a much healthier life – emotionally and physically! And I don’t feel deprived, because I can eat a tiny sweet treat each day if I want to!

    Theresa R., United States

About the author

author Karly Randolph Pitman

I'm a teacher, author, and a champion for the call of the sacred, the gifts of grief, and the healing balm of compassion, connection, and community. I midwive people in transforming how they see and relate to food, sugar and body compulsions and uncovering the deeper, mythic story that is being writ through their journey.

This fosters a more fiercely loving, all embracing relationship with our humanity, and all of life.

The 30 Day Lift course arose out of my own journey, which included 20 years of multiple eating disorders, a deep embarrassment about my sensitivity, and a life long initiation through anxiety and depression. In bearing witness to my suffering and the suffering of others, the mystery of eating disorders gripped my soul, mind and my heart. I’ve used all to seek their clues and unearth their secrets, to map their underpinnings and respect and bow to their beauty.

I offer this teaching in service to individuals who yearn for personal transformation; to the soul of sugar, food and the body, which longs to speak; and to our greater culture, which yearns for restored connection in its relationship to food, sugar and the body.

Undergirding all my work is a love and awe of the human heart.

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