Gentle support to soften overeating and eat less sugar

Expert Diabetes Reversal Summit

On Tuesday, June 4th I'll be one of the eight speakers featured on the Diabetes Reversal Summit. If you want support to manage your blood sugar, reverse diabetes, or to […]

When Food is Your Mother: Healing the Shame of Food Distress

In this signature workshop, you'll learn why and how food can become a substitute attachment - a place of soothing, regulation, connection, and attunement - and not just a 'bad habit' of overeating. From this perspective, food addictions are emotional bonds that serve core needs and regulate the nervous system. And with this insight, we […]

Listen: Gentle ways to support your healing with food

There are core areas that nearly everyone faces when healing their relationship with food – places of challenge, difficulty or tension that arise in our bodies, minds and nervous systems. […]