A Womb of transformation

Karly Randolph Pitman, April 7, 2020

Hello! I’m Karly Randolph Pitman, the founder of growinghuman(kind)ness, and I want to warmly welcome you.

You’ve found an oasis where we embrace vulnerability and gently support you in creating a more compassionate relationship with yourself, and your struggles.

We primarily help people in a few key areas:  eating less sugar, softening self judgment and overdoing, and building emotional resilience – especially for sensitives.

No matter what you’re struggling with, there’s a deeper story that lives underneath the surface story of your struggle, and this story is both more true and more merciful. It’s this story that we witness and help midwife into being.

Growing human(kind)ness means several things – to grow into the full measure of our humanity, to foster kindness for our human struggles, and to embrace the depth and tenderness of the human journey. It is fundamentally a place of mercy, a fiercely loving space that is a womb of growth.

This website arose from two things:  from my own experience with 20 years of multiple eating disorders, chronic depression, and anxiety, and from bearing witness to others’ stories of challenge, growth and rebirth.

On this site, you’ll find articles, videos, books, a newsletter, do at home courses, and group classes to soften anxiety and restore your connection with yourself.

May your heart be nourished here.