Gentle support to soften overeating and eat less sugar

When Food is Your Mother – 2023 class

For many people, overeating and binge eating are not just “bad” habits or coping strategies but emotional bonds – a ‘mother’ that they turn to for comfort, holding, soothing, regulation, and nurturing. Self soothing with food is a well intentioned coping mechanism to feel safe, secure and connected in the face of isolation, intense emotions, […]

Kick Sugar Summit – 2023

Friends, I'm delighted to participate in the 2023 Kick Sugar Summit. This annual summit brings together wonderful leaders in the nutritional, psychological, and health fields to help you have a healthier relationship with sugar. You can sign up for this free summit here. Some of the speakers that may interest you include: Kelly McDaniel - […]

Soften a Sugar Habit with Presence, Compassion and Grief

If you use sugar to self soothe, to care for painful emotions, or to comfort yourself when you're stressed, the holidays may be an especially difficult time for you. In this four part class, you'll learn how to use presence, self compassion and grief to unhook from painful patterns with sugar. Presence and compassion create […]


Quit Sugar Summit

I'm a guest on the 11th annual Quit Sugar Summit where I talk about the importance of nervous system regulation, compassion, and mindfulness in healing patterns of self soothing with sugar. This free summit includes dozens of speakers in nutrition, medicine, psychology, addiction, and lifestyle change to support you in eating less sugar. The summit […]

Align: Heal the Battle with Your Inner Rebel

If you reactively push against help or get stuck in feelings of resistance – “No, you can’t make me!” – when you try to make positive changes with food, it can be so frustrating.In Align: Heal the Battle with Your Inner Rebel, you’ll learn how to soften the inner conflict between the part of you […]

Facing What Doesn’t Work: How To Let Go of Food

Here at Growing Humankindness we talk a lot about why we can become bonded to food, sugar and other food habits that cause us harm. This understanding is super helpful! For most people, the next question is how: how do I let go? In this free webinar we'll be talking about the unwinding process from […]