Gentle support to soften overeating and eat less sugar

Align: Heal the Battle with Your Inner Rebel

If you reactively push against help or get stuck in feelings of resistance – “No, you can’t make me!” – when you try to make positive changes with food, it can be so frustrating.In Align: Heal the Battle with Your Inner Rebel, you’ll learn how to soften the inner conflict between the part of you […]

Facing What Doesn’t Work: How To Let Go of Food

Here at Growing Humankindness we talk a lot about why we can become bonded to food, sugar and other food habits that cause us harm. This understanding is super helpful! For most people, the next question is how: how do I let go? In this free webinar we'll be talking about the unwinding process from […]

Emerge: Create a New Habit

This class is for you if you overuse sugar for stress relief, to care for your emotions, or to self regulate and want help to transition into a no or low sugar diet. You’ll receive daily emotional support and learn how to apply self compassion to the process of habit change, so you can create […]

Expert Diabetes Reversal Summit

On Tuesday, June 4th I'll be one of the eight speakers featured on the Diabetes Reversal Summit. If you want support to manage your blood sugar, reverse diabetes, or to lower your sugar intake, this summit may be for you. The summit is hosted by Lucia Tiffany, a nurse, health coach and educator who's helped […]

When Food is Your Mother: Healing the Shame of Food Distress

In this signature workshop, you'll learn why and how food can become a substitute attachment - a place of soothing, regulation, connection, and attunement - and not just a 'bad habit' of overeating. From this perspective, food addictions are emotional bonds that serve core needs and regulate the nervous system. And with this insight, we […]

Home study support call

Friends, this is a chance for you to get support as you work your way through our home study offerings. Where are you getting stuck? Where do you need help? Is there a victory or challenge you want to share? Bring your questions, challenges, and insights to these group calls. We're here to help! The […]