Gentle support to soften overeating and eat less sugar

Emerge: Create a New Habit

If you overuse sugar for stress relief, to care for your emotions, or to self regulate, this course will help you change your eating habits with gentleness and insight. You’ll […]

Growing Humankindness community – open for new members

The Growing Humankindness community, where you can connect with others, deepen your understanding, receive help and coaching, and nurture your healing and recovery, is open for new members. The community […]

When Food is Your Mother – 2023 class

For many people, overeating and binge eating are not just “bad” habits or coping strategies but emotional bonds – a ‘mother’ that they turn to for comfort, holding, soothing, regulation, […]

Kick Sugar Summit – 2023

Friends, I'm delighted to participate in the 2023 Kick Sugar Summit. This annual summit brings together wonderful leaders in the nutritional, psychological, and health fields to help you have a […]